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Originally Posted by kite384
quoting my friend LittleBigFox/BuletsInYourHead/SkyFall

you know LigerTooth and Balcony?[4:15:39 PM] Matheus Carvalho: LigerTooth was my friend
[4:15:45 PM] Matheus Carvalho: and he was selling
[4:15:51 PM] Matheus Carvalho: compound service cuz
[4:15:58 PM] Matheus Carvalho: he had alot of elixirs
[4:16:01 PM] Matheus Carvalho: so i said
[4:16:15 PM] Matheus Carvalho: 20+ hv at each slot
[4:16:22 PM] Matheus Carvalho: he said ok lets try
[4:17:03 PM] Matheus Carvalho: ok he compouned and got +8 HV on it (it was with 136 hv base) uped to 142
[4:17:14 PM] Matheus Carvalho: then he trade me
[4:17:16 PM] Matheus Carvalho: and said
[4:17:30 PM] Matheus Carvalho: '' ok compouned gime the 4g5''
[4:17:34 PM] Matheus Carvalho: i said
[4:17:48 PM] Matheus Carvalho: ofc not you up 9+ hv i want 20+ at each slot
[4:17:53 PM] Matheus Carvalho: then he closed the trade
[4:18:02 PM] Matheus Carvalho: dropped it to Balcony
[4:18:06 PM] Matheus Carvalho: he uncompound it
[4:18:15 PM] Matheus Carvalho: dont wana gime it back

so LigerTooth dropped my friends Crimson Sword 1,7k AP Base 99HV base lvl 13 refined to BalconyIDC if the Game is Closing soon
no one knows if another publisher will eventually continue the game and keep our accounts no one can really tell

this is really beyond rude and bad of LigerTooth and Balcony to steal SkyFall/BuletsInYourHead/LittleBigFox his Sword he showed me screenshots to lazy to post them they didnt return his sword

LigerTooth and Balcony = Scammer

Sorry but I believe that Liger threw the sword to give to LittleBig. Why he didn't trade, I have no idea. Probably because he's lazy/dropping's a lot quicker/he didn't think LittleBig was AFK. Also, I doubt that both Liger and Balcony's intentions were to scam the sword. I'm sure that Balcony will return the sword back to the rightful owner.


[00:33:24] Chris: also everything on that skype call log is wrong lmao
[00:33:32] Chris: Yes he said 20+hv
[00:33:34] Chris: but I said
[00:33:45] Chris: uh you know on my real gear I've never had 20+ on each slot
[00:33:52] Chris: So what makes you think i can do that
[00:34:20] Chris: So why Shanny WHY would I have agreed to that >:C
[00:34:26] Chris: I said I'd comp it for the 4g5 and he agreed
[00:34:34] Chris: I got +at least 4 on each of his slots
[00:34:48] Chris: So he *****ed didn't agree to give me 4g5
[00:34:54] Chris: Also note
[00:34:57] Chris: prior to this
[00:35:03] Chris: he called me the biggest douche*** on trickster
[00:35:09] Chris: So I uncomped it



[00:26:22] ƧΛM: LOL
[00:26:42] Tαmmy, Alwαys. <3: Give the sword to him before he qqs more
[00:26:50] ƧΛM: Gave it 'way
[00:26:55] Tαmmy, Alwαys. <3: To?
[00:27:03] ƧΛM: I think the name was like
[00:27:05] ƧΛM: Ruday
[00:27:06] ƧΛM: or something
[00:27:08] Tαmmy, Alwαys. <3: .....................
[00:27:12] Tαmmy, Alwαys. <3: You did that because?
[00:27:31] ƧΛM: I get bored
[00:27:37] Tαmmy, Alwαys. <3: :l
[00:28:21] Tαmmy, Alwαys. <3: And now I'm here trying to clear your names gggggggg.
[00:28:34] ƧΛM: LOL
[00:28:43] ƧΛM: Naw i took it
[00:28:49] ƧΛM: it was funny..
[00:28:58] Tαmmy, Alwαys. <3: Not funny if he's qqing hard
[00:29:09] Tαmmy, Alwαys. <3: So you gave the sword to Ruday?
[00:30:44] ƧΛM: yeh brah
[00:30:51] Tαmmy, Alwαys. <3: z0mg.
[00:30:52] ƧΛM: he said he'd give it back lol
[00:30:55] ƧΛM: he gave me like
[00:30:56] ƧΛM: 7 4g cards
[00:31:03] Tαmmy, Alwαys. <3: .
[00:31:16] Tαmmy, Alwαys. <3: Right
[00:31:21] Tαmmy, Alwαys. <3: Time to clear this sh*t
[00:31:23] Tαmmy, Alwαys. <3: Cryyyy.
[00:31:27] ƧΛM: Naw
[00:31:31] ƧΛM: its all good
[00:31:33] ƧΛM: its pretty funny
[00:31:33] ƧΛM: xD
[00:31:39] Tαmmy, Alwαys. <3: Not funny :C
[00:35:15] ƧΛM: I find it funny ;3

Just here to clear their names. They're NOT scammers. Just little idiots (at times). :3

Also, @LittleBig, I honestly don't think it was necessary to threaten someone over the internet for a pixel sword which is going to disappear in a month's time anyway.

Balcony and LigerTooth

[6:38:52 PM] ƧΛM: now he's threatening to kill my family
[6:38:55 PM] Chris: LOL
[6:38:56 PM] Chris: WHAT
[6:38:58 PM] ƧΛM: yeh
[6:38:59 PM] ƧΛM: bro
[6:39:01 PM] ƧΛM: no joke
[6:39:10 PM] Chris: whut
[6:39:14 PM] ƧΛM: yehh
[6:39:17 PM] ƧΛM: SkyFalll
[6:39:21 PM] ƧΛM: is
[6:39:25 PM] ƧΛM: threatening to find me
[6:39:28 PM] ƧΛM: and kill my family
[6:39:29 PM] ƧΛM: XD



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