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Originally Posted by jawfin
Someone mentioned "cash grab" a while back... somewhere...

What do you suppose the chances of all these "custom / option parts" being "points only" items? Slim to none?

Lower level "upgrade" items being for points, upper level being for cash?

"Upgrade" items as quest rewards? What about "unique" upgrade items, where you can only get one, similar to Gunbarrel Dagger?

Removal and reuse of parts? Or one time use only? Or a "fee" to change parts, similar to the fee to reset your C / OC points?

Will we be seeing quests that now require certain "parts" to complete?

And let's consider / assume that all the suits we have now too effort to reach Ace level.

What will happen when ALL suits start out "fully loaded"?

Will we, who already have our suits at Ace or greater level receive any extra benefit / perks?

At least if they're keeping OC levels, we should retain those. Though how much grinding and spending on level protectors and 100% OC Chips did we go through in pursuit of our OC levels, and how will Softmax address that, if at all?

There's a huge amount of unknowns and questions.

I have faith that Softmax will develop something useful which offers more options to the players.

I just hope "long-time" players don't get shafted in the process... at least, not too badly.

Hey Jawfin,

We have no clue how these upgrade/custom parts will work. All we know is that we have lots of individual freedom to choose how we want our suits to play out.

If, for example, say we personally didn't like how the B rank Gundam was a rock, we could use the upgrade parts to make it have more scissors like characteristics. Where and how we get these upgrade parts is still unknown.

I do believe that they will be points items. KR isn't so keen and dependant on cash, rather making it an alternative way to get suits.

How they will implement this, and what happens to existing players is still a mystery. However, I really do like the idea of more personal customization. If Netmarble can make it balanced, I'm sure this would be a great overhaul to the almost-6 year old system.
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