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Originally Posted by Sandrie
The fact that I care (and at least a few others on the forum) means that "no one cares" isn't true by counter example (oh snap). But like I said earlier, it's up to the person in the end. At least they will be able to see both sides, so to speak. It doesn't really affect me if someone goes steals some kid's KSSN or uses some generator (plenty of people do that already), but for people looking at this, at least they will be able to make an educated decision (hopefully).

Anyway that's all I got, plenty has been said about this already.
I can knowingly confirm you've helped at least one person with your words. My Trickster guild was awesome, so I was going to try out tTO when I heard a bunch of them were. I had no idea that was such a serious identity-type thing though, so I guess I'll make my peace with Trickster as well. Thanks.
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