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Originally Posted by Valese
Are you kidding?

Altiverse Maiden Queen Mace - Charms
Altiverse Crimson Sword - Charms
Altiverse Maiden Queen Staff - Mages
Altiverse Crimson Staff - Mages

All of these are unique equips. Kind of proves my point that there aren't many standard equip options for charms. Also, needing a unique weapon just for an elemental attribute is silly. :V

Powerful Chrome Staff - Mages
Powerful Arc Staff - Mages

I see no way to put elements on these, just a ton of MA

^ All completely free.
Replies in bold.

Also, @SnowBerry

I'd much rather have a type of weapon aimed at every character before giving 4 different weapon types to lions. Also, Jare is correct, guns are about aiming whilst throwing weapons are more about assassination and sensing an enemy's weak points. I imagine that those big guns that the lion uses must put out quite a bit of recoil. With guns like that, hitting the target is a priority, not carefully seeking a weak spot.

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