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Hi again! I asked a few question some time ago but just now I was able to start making my guardian and I have 2 other questions:

Regarding a question that I asked before (and I may sound dumb)

I see, is there any way to 'know' when I should stop spamming cure? 'Cause as it was said before, if I 'use' too much it can change the build and I won't get the 3333 build (that's what I understood...)
~5-8 flashes of magic is enough. 10 if you feel super paranoid.
The flashes you are refering to are those that show on the seed (like, those that make the seed shine everytime we do something for it to grow) or the ones that we get (the chara) once in a time (I think when getting % of empathy on some type).

The other is that the game MADE me mess a little bit my guardian. Yes the game. I was viewing profiles but it didn't grow up to 1 at all. I keep trying till it didn't work anymore viewing a private profile though it was still 0 in the charm type. Then I logged off and on again and I got 2 in charm when I only needed 1 (I'm going for the superior build).
Do you think I can still get the 3333 build? If I skip for example the part of buying stuff one by one? Or will I just get the build messed up right now with the HP pots?

Thanks again

EDIT: I got my superior guardian! Thanks alot for this guide, though since I messed up a bit it went on a little different but still was able to get a superior Sad thing it was Krusef (which I hate so much) and I don't quite understand why :'( I guess it was 'cause I was unfortunate to level up (I tried to not have much experiencie, but I still got it anyway) and it blow up everything even after doing 8 flashes of cure....wish I had done 10 ou even 11.

Anyway, the guide is helpful and really nice!

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