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oh for the error during the update, I turn off the vpn, Switched my network type(you don't need to do it. my case was strange). then I just Kept on running the updater.

if you see that its downloading the update, just leave it it be, and keep on rerunning the installer until everything is done. my client crashed three times, but it eventually worked. it seems to pickup from where it crashed, as I never saw it re-download a file that already got downloaded~

Pretty much:
Making an account, downloading client, updating client DO NOT require an JP ip address

Everything AFTER clicking that "Start Game"(on the client. not the jTO website) button will require a JP ip Adress~

If that doesn't work, Change you regional settings all to japanese, and change your time local to japan :3

Glad that it helped :3
I had a similar issue in the past where my clock did not match Microsoft's time, so it would let me update. Changing the time to the correct time fixed that issue~. So I thought the same thing when it wouldn't let me update x,x. btw jTO update took me like 6 hours (Its was running at 200-400kb/s. tTO runs at 15-70kb/s, and eTO at 2000kb/s)

jTO has A LOT of voice files x3x. It was downloading em more like 2 hours xD

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