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Originally Posted by Dare
You have to keep in mind the new classes are 100% separate from what's established - for example, Paula has one one advancement path, using a new weapon, and has her own unique set of skills. (feel like I'm reading this as you meaning how do we handle hybrids now qq)

I might be reading what you said wrong :l and I agree a Battle Mage makes sense to move to next.
Battle Mage was what I was thinking as well... I guess the part that bothers me the most about this is that I'd much rather have new skills and weapons for all characters over new characters (mainly because, once again, the "main eight" were pretty damn solid). For a while now I've wanted a more diverse weapons and skills that promote weirder builds.

I mean... Let's face it. Charm types are rather unhappy in the weapon department as there aren't many non-cash AP/HV weapons. Magic types have a pathetic amount of options available for elemental reinforce-able gear without cash as well.

Some of the things I'm hoping for...

-Some kind of weapon revamp

-Swords are fine as they are for AP/AC builds
-Gauntlets being created for AP/DX builds
-Staffs being remade to allow dark/light attributes starting at around level 60
-Tomes being created with elemental attributes, splitting from staffs at 60
-One-handed hammers for AP/HP focused charm builds
-Rapiers and thin swords for HV/LK focused charm builds
-Guns seem pretty legit as they are
-Daggers being remade to support critical hit chance. Fox's stealth giving critical boosts

-The implementation of new spells to promote stranger builds

-MA being implemented into other characters so that Magic isn't permanently at one for just about every non-magic character.
-More diverse skills in general that focus on a wide array than stats rather than a few

That's what I want to see in the future :V