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Default Another Short Story? Bro. . .

Ah, Yes Yes.

As it seems, I have been given more inspiration for another story even though you're all probably just sitting there going "Dude, STFU. No one cares about your stories." But anyway, it's a bit different from the first one I had posted. Short Story? I Suppose. - ggFTW

But Alas, I don't care.

So enjoy.

"I need a break" Cris said as he closed up shop on a wednesday night.
"This overtime shit is a pain in the ass." he mumbled as he walked home, tired from the long day.
Taking his usual path, Cris paid no attention to the dark, gloomy scenery, living in a run-down town really had an effect on Cris.

He let out an exasperated sigh as he remembered the times he lived in Venus, a small town along Corrodasia.

Walking with a slump and PO'd attitude, he noticed that his regular way home was blocked off for construction.
"Figures." He said.
So he had no option but to head through the woods.

Walking through the woods, Cris flipped his hair and sighed.
Then slowly followed the dirt path where grass didn't grow anymore cause of all the tredding that has happened along it.

Half way through, Cris heard a russle in the woods a little off the path to his right.

He stopped in his tracks.
"Well, that's great, I'm being followed." He said to himself.
He took a pause and looked all around, but saw nothing.
So he decided to further walk on.
A few minutes later, he felt as if the coast was clear and let down his guard for a moment, but in this moment whatever was following him had jumped out at him and latched itself onto his arm.

Cris, being a smart and quick thinker, kept himself a cool head and instantly swung the animal around and slammed it into a tree.
He repeated this several times until the animals grip grew weak.
Still attached to his arm, he was about to deliver the final blow to the animal until he heard crying.
He raised his arm and looked closely at it, unable to see, he pulled out his phone and opened his flashlight app and saw that the creature was actually a person.
He analyzed it closer, and saw that it wasn't a person, but a little cat girl covered in fur.
As soon as he was about to ask it a question, he pondered the thought that it might not speak english.
Not focusing on the little animal, Cris felt the grip on his arm loosen and eventually, he heard a thud on the ground.

He was shocked, but he did feel bad.
She was bleeding from her face and had scars all over her body.
Cris decided to right his wrong and take the animal home.

Around 45 minutes later, Cris arrived at his home, he took off his shoes at the door and walked in.
With a blank expression on his face, Cris took the severly injured animal to the spare room on the second floor and gently tucked her in.
He placed a warm towel over her head and waited for her to wake up.

5 hours into the night, the cat girl was still fast asleep and Cris was feeling the toll taking it's effect on him.

He soon passed out in the chair in front of the animal's bed.

When Cris awoke, the first thing he saw was two giant green eyes staring him in the face.

Nothing was said, but they stared at each other for a good solid 3 minutes before Cris broke the silence.
"Uh. . ." He started. "Hi?"

She said nothing, but blinked at him looking lost.
She cocked her head when he started talking again.
"You can get off of me now." He said coldly.
With this being said, he knew he had hurt her feelings as she climbed off of him and sat in the corner.

Cris stood up, felling dizzy, with a headache, despite his feelings he felt guilty.
He scratched his head and started talking.
"Uh, are you hungry?" He asked.
But he didn't get a response.
He decided to do an act of kindness by going into the kitchen, grabbing a bowl, and pouring her some milk.
When he came back, he saw her ears flicker into his direction.
Without saying a single word, he went up to her and placed the bowl in front of her.

He felt as if he hurt her enough, so he placed it and started to leave.
Hand in pocket, hear hurting massively, as he went to grab some pain killers, he heard something come from the corner.
"T-Thank, Y-You. Mister." Said the cat girl.

He looked over his shoulder and raised an eyebrow.
"Oh? So you do speak english." He said.
She nodded at his response.
"Your Welcome." He said with a weak smile.

As he walked out she screamed at him.
He peaked in.
"What." He said, a bit annoyed, due to the headache.
"I--. . Umm. . ." She stuttered.
He rubbed his neck, feeling uncomfortable and uninterested.
She whispered, "Please don't leave me."
Despite the level of voice she used, he heard her and didn't know how to reply.
Instead, he said.
"I'll be downstairs."
And left.

With that being said, Cris went downstairs, took some medicine, and decided to lay on the couch.
As soon as he shut his eyes, he heard a familiar voice.
"M-mister?" The cat girl said.
"Waddya want?" He replied with a groan.
Her face saddened as her ears fell.
"I. . . I just wanted to return this." She said in a breaking voice while putting down the bowl on the floor.
Feeling guilty again, Cris got up and put the bowl in the dishwasher.
Not knowing where to go, the little cat girl just stood there.
Cris, feeling awkward as hell, decided to pat her on the head and motioned her to the couch.
As she walked toward the couch, Cris noticed her body, surprised at this he knew she needed to wear clothes.
As soon as she sat down, he said, "Uh, wait here."

He ran upstairs and went into the 4th drawer where he kept the clothes that his sisters leave around his house.
He picked out something suitable and went back to her.
"Here. Try these on."
She looked at the clothes, then looked at him, then back at the clothes, as if she didn't know what to do.
She asked, "How?"
He looked at her then realized that he found her in the woods.
"Alright" he said, stand up.
After about 5 minutes getting her into the clothes, and 10 minutes explaining to her how they work, he finally got down to the very important question.
"How did you end up in the woods? What is your name? What are you? Where are your parents?"
Bombarded with questions, she replied. "Umm, well I, uhh you see, the thing is. . ." Then she started to tear up.

"Uh. . ." He said, "Sorry. Let's try this again."

"What is your name?" He asked.

"I can't remember." She replied.
Not satisfied with the answer, he moved on.

"Why did you attack me?"

"I thought you were a small animal I could eat." She said while looking down.

"Did you live in those woods?" He said with a sparking interest.

"Yes, not always, but yes."

"How did you get there?" He inquired.
She seemed to sadden deeply when he asked this.

"From what I remember, when I was little I was taken from my home, and they did horrible things to me, then I was in the woods where wolves took care of me. I don't know why they didn't eat me but I grew up with them, until hunters shot and killed the entire pack."
Cris connected the pieces and came to reason that the markings on her stomach were from when she was young.
While Cris was lost in thought, He came to after she asked him a question.

"Umm, can you take me to where you found me?" She asked, playing with her fingers.
He looked at her warmly and said. "Sure."

Not, I'm sure there were alot of holes somewhere in this story, cause I had stayed up typing this.

Now if you want, please correct me on anything that IS wrong.


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