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Default Final post regarding the guide.

I am going to say this in advance due that I do come and go on ggFTW.

THANK YOU very much for viewing my guide, complimenting it and giving me some advices on improving it! I love Duelists and this guide was pretty much the "Duelist appreciation" guide. I may not be par with TheCait's guide over @ the eTO forums (especially updating with the new Warrior skill) and she had interesting advices, which makes Duelists a pretty interesting hybrid-starter class!

I want to thank my friends in the game (past and present) and my own guild and the previous guilds I am in (Tomodachi~ and StalkasRUs) for giving me the wonderful experience I have in Trickster Online! Gwen1440, who was not in the game anymore was my sole inspiration to become a Duelist and proving that the hybrid class such as the green hare-of-a-third-job can be as fun and powerful! I do not seek power or high numbers! It's the experience I take, weather it's a win or a loss! (That's why I put advices when it comes to GvG, which works best on a Duelist than setting her on PvP.)

(and "ShadowDuelist") was my first uber-fan and pretty much inspire himself to be like me! I was amazed when he came online wanting a "last screenshot" with me in my flashy gears when I was here to meet Valsee/AngryPants!

The next dedication goes to Dare, formerly "Kyzuumi". It was an interesting experience from "spotting" her to reading her article of her TO experience, and hoping that she could have remain as one of the few people who moves back from buying MS and showing that you can still enjoy in-game with what you have from the SGi rewards! (Poppuri event for example.) Her Champion guide was AMAZING and thanks to her's that I have made my own Champion in honor of my favorite anime/visual novel character! (And yes I thank TO for giving me the personal blog URL idea ahaha!) If it weren't for her guides, this guide wouldn't exist as a "supplement" for the missing Duelist gaps.

I also wanted to thank the readers, ESPECIALLY those that follow my path and inspire yourself to become wonderful Duelist children! Again, the guide is an "appreciation" guide and nothing close to legit except for my advices and such! I hope that my guide had made a fun Trickster experience as well, giving the view points of the Warrior tree branches! (Piercing Wave path, Lacerator path, etc.)

I am NOT going to be updating this further since LadyGaap and AkaneHino (Fantasia Duelist) will be gone along with the servers. (Just thinking of it tears me up!) But I can say one more thing about an update I have not added: Lighting Strike was among one of the best, but to advance it requires Malefic Matron Card, and it was not easy to find a seller who has those. They were not an easy drop, but the attack itself is QUICK like about a second for casting timing! TM requirements are pretty high, but if you got a GOOD Tenter Spear or any weapon that had Lighting attribute, then I am sure that this skill can outrun Inferno Blade, which was still another Buff/Duelist favorite if he/she hogs the Inferno 4G set! ^^;

With that, Trickster Online may be my last MMORPG I will touch until I decide to touch Eden Eternal again~ Otherwise, I am pretty much done with the RPG category (no other game can replace Trickster's story!), and that I am going to be migrating to PangYa... Alone. If anyone wants to join goofing off with some holes and kicking Spika's robots, then feel free to follow me! I have updated my tibet information on the left, but feel free to leave a profile comment if you have any questions! My sig was also updated with my link to both Tumblrs and my profile!

Happy Trickstering!!!