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Are you kidding me? Even on H5, all you had to do in Shadow Dragon was turtle at a chokepoint behind Generals Wolf and Sedgar. It wasn't challenging; it was tedious and boring because they nerfed the avoid formula (from Spd*2 + Lck to Spd + Lck/2) so you had no choice but to tank on every attack.

In New Mystery of the Emblem, you have the overpowered and versatile My Unit at your disposal along with Catria, Palla, and Caeda/Shiida. You're also given not one, but two Jagen-like prepromotes to carry your team in the earlygame until they get enough levels to stand on their own.

There is also the poorly designed Endgames against Medeus that can be cleared in no longer than a couple of turns with some staff usage.

One of the reasons why I put FE4 and 5 at the top for difficulty is because the old SNES games used a single random number to determine hit confirms instead of an average of two random numbers like modern FE games do now. The two random number system makes it far more likely more the player to land a hit with over 50% and for enemy units to miss with under 50% rates. You want to complain about the RNG screwing you over? It happened far more often back then.

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