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Originally Posted by Almora
1. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT, text for help unless he can hear your echo in the bathroom. I do not want to rant about texting, but honestly, you can get SO MUCH done in one call, plus the person on the other side can hear your tone of voice, to know if you're serious or not.

2. It's really sick that these kind of people exist in the world, so I'm going to reiterate what some of the above posters said: Carry some form of weapon/self protection item for your own sake. As long it won't kill them, it's fine. Just enough to distract them and run. It's possible that you could be put in jail even killing in self-defense, depending on where you live etc.


How long did you stay in the bathroom? Iirc, your boyfriend lives halfway across the world doesn't he? I would've stayed in there until I called a family member/someone closer(location wise) for help to come get me instead. I know you were panicking, but I do not think he was the #1 best option to go for aid.


As cliche as it is, try not to travel alone. Mines wasn't as bad as yours, but now I carry scissors and pay attention to my surroundings 24/7. Try not to be on your phone all the time if you are, I just see SO MANY girls do that and it's an easy opening for people to get you.
I stayed for about 15-20 minutes and yes, my boyfriend's all the way in the UK while I'm in the US. I really should have thought it through, about calling a close friend @@; You're right about me panicking and that not being the right choice;; I was already texting him prior to this, so he was already there and in my panic, I just texted. Which totally fits your last statement about girls on phones ;/!

Tbh, I don't have any relatives here right now. I live by myself while my family's back at Hawaii. I'm here for school purposes and such. I do have a couple of friends here though, so there should've been no excuse for me not to have called them.. but alas, I panicked @-@;;

Usually I'm pretty good about self-defense and carrying some sort of item to help. I've one of those metal self-defense kitty keychains with me... but on a different bag. I'll probably need to have something for each bag I have (I only have like, 2 bags that I use) and to keep one in my car now. Just didn't think that this sort of thing would happen in such a quiet city as mine ;/ I guess creeps like that are everywhere, even in the 'safest' of places..

@Riolu, what is that btw? I tried looking it up on the website, but I'm not native to the Romanian language (iirc, it said Romanian..) @w@;;