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Originally Posted by Zero
Nothing really "foretold" of this closure. Everyone keeps saying "lol saw it coming!" but lets be serious, no you didn't.
.. What?
You never saw this coming when the population got cut in half when the random bans started? You didn't see it coming so soon when THAT population got cut in half because they didn't listen or reply to game guard concerns and emails?
Not to mention what was previously stated, the whole "lets make level ups untradable and have more people quit or be even more upset."
This game is special to me, I've played on and off, but I'm surprised it didn't close sooner with all the things they slapped us with, because these weren't the only things they did.

And it isn't rude for people to come in and say "let it go." Do you believe we haven't had our share of grief? We have. Whether a massive amount or just a little bit, we choose to express it in a quiet manner. We don't post all over the forums "WHY GOD, WHY DID YOU TAKE MY BABY?" Letting it go is the only thing you [can] do. It may seem harsh, but it's the truth. We're being honest with you, and I personally hope the people who are grieving about this more than everyone else can come to peace with it soon.

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