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Hmm I guess I should've said a mission statement:
My mission is to open up the option of visiting jTO as a new experience for players of eTO.

(Make note of the visiting part*)

as I said Earlier:
"(Or you can look at a Hiragana chart~. But if you had to do that.... I would recommend learning it before playing jTO)"

If you plan on visiting jTO you should at least learn the basics of Japanese, and some common curtsies.

The reason why I want to open up this option is so that interested people who are familiar with eTO, would be able to have an immersible experience with native Japanese speakers, while in a somewhat familiar environment.

Hence the "Learn Japanese Basics";
Making this option only for those who are INTERESTED in Japanese :3

(Sort of like a USA high school Japanese 1 Class Introducing "Jan ken Pon"(rock paper scissor) to the students. The students are already familiar with the concept of Rock paper scissor, thus they'll more likely have a easier time interacting in a foreign language)

Though you can't really use English characters or Speak in jTO, You would still be able to experience Japanese words/symbol in a more natural environment, eventually increasing ones comprehension skill Japanese words and symbols.
(Just because you learned Hiragana and Katakana, doesn't mean you'll be able to read pages of it as fast as a native. its takes practice and/or immersion before your reading speed catches up)

If all works out, we can probably make a active chat room for people (ie: Skype chat group) so that people can help each other out when they are having trouble understanding something in Japanese~

As a back ground story;

Years ago, while I was in Japan, my cousin introduced me to a certain online mmo, my first one in fact. (can you guess what it was called? ;D)
I made a Sheep and got her to around lvl 40ish, Made lots of friends, and had a really fun time.

Then when I moved to the states~, I found I couldn't play jTO, So I switched to eTO, and immersed myself into that community.
(seriously, I had a great time. and at the same time I bettered my English skills!)

Now with eTO coming to an ?end? soon, I decided it be nice to Visit jTO again. :3 (I really need to catch up on my japanese ;-; , my Japanese is like that of a preschooler right now ,along with seeing how the community evolved while I was gone.)

When I said "Yesterday I registered for it easily. I'm current in USA*"
It was more of a re-registration. Trickster jp seemed to have changed hands? so pretty much I had to fill out a capcha, and some new information, and my account was active again

As for new players, I already heard from friends who were able to make new accounts~(though they can't log on the actual jTO game server xD)

[When I played, I think it used to be called Trickster LOVE? the start screen had queen Odenia on it ]

Noticed how I used the term "Visit", Instead of invade or migrate.
I mean it in way that this is meant for interested people come over to play and learn on jTO. Like a Tourist visiting a Japanese Shinto shrine~ (He could've easily visited Paris instead, but instead he chose visit to japan, as japan perked this guys interest more~. He wanted to Learn more about japan~)

If I (or someone else) gets this working, If we could get a small community We'll At Least know we'll be visiting jTO with friends

Like how the High school Japanese 1 class slowly learn Japanese together~ (while having fun)

(I hope I worded that in a way that could be understood x,x)