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Lightbulb Operation: "Visit" jTO. わたしたちがんばりましょう Success!!!!

NOTE: Information of this first post will be edited freely in case of new/corrected information. I'm More of a hardware girl, so networks and software is out of my jurisdiction in most cases D:

Good Thing to keep in mind before doing anything jTO related: See SnowBerry post (#2)

Update 02-3rd-2013:

MY guide is up

Update 01-30th-2013:

Dear gawd. I feel like and idiot. I found a MUCH easier way to play jTO >.>
This way only took me 30 minutes to set up, compared to the 3 hours of the last method xD
Smaller easier guide :3

Update 01-29th-2013:

My 4th theory worked!!!

Guide coming soon
(btw you can use Katakana, Hiragana, Kanji, AND English characters)

Mission: (post#4)




Guide out! :/forum/

Confirmed Solutions:

the Kale15 Solution:
"remote log-in to a friends computer in japan and play that way."

Its Very uncovensional. (since most people don't have a friend in japan that can do that for them.)

But at least it works

Neo-Kanoka Meathod

This Method is easier. I found it on jp maplestory forums xD.

*Classified until guide is out*

Use Windows 7's built in VPN program.

The long and stupid Method
The "Kanoka" Method xD

*Classified until guide is out*

Use a specially configured VMware virtual machine with jTO and windows installed on it.

Run VPN on HOST system, while GUEST system (the virtual machine) run jTO

Hint: Game guard controls the current systems vital processes and programs. The VPN is running "outside" game guard's Jurisdiction.

I will NOT tell you if you guess correctly :3
(Feel free to guess any ways. when the guide comes out, you'll know :3)

Even though a more convent Trick has been found, this trick still isnt very "conventional", So I hope my work inspires more people to get working on a more convenient Solution

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