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Default Some people disgust me.

So today, I go to the library to return some books that’ve been with me for far too long. When I return them, I think ‘I think I’ll stay around and read.’ So I do so. After, maybe, 30-40 minutes of being there and reading quietly, I stand up to put a couple of them away. While I get up I hear a shuffle behind me and I see this guy wearing a black logo’d shirt and dark navy pants stand up as well. He looks like a normal person—clean face, combed hair, and overall just looks simple. And so I turn back and go my way and I hear footsteps behind me and see that he, also, is heading my direction.

I shrug it off and put my books away then walk around to grab a couple more. All the while, I can still slightly hear footsteps, but they’re never actually ‘close’. As I’m grabbing a book on cover-letters and resumes, I glance to the side where there’s a gap in the book shelves and I see the guy again. Now I’m nervous. I had basically walked half the library to get to this section of the area, and he’s still following me? I dunno, seemed shady.

So I slowly walk to the bathrooms, listening and looking around to see if he was still following me, and sure enough, he’s behind me. Not exactly behind me, but I can see him creeping around. I put my books down, go in the bathroom, and sit there. I text Peter my situation and he tells me to calm down. Maybe I’m overreacting. Maybe. So I go back out, grab my books, and I glance around. At first I didn’t see him so I sighed in relief, but then I see the back of his black shirt and clothes and I panic.

I fast-walk myself back to my corner and slowly start putting my stuff in my bag. He sits down 3-4 tables away and I’m sweating bullets. I text my boyfriend ,Peter, and he tells me to stay calm. I look around and notice the guy gone. I tell Peter and he laughs that maybe it was just a big misunderstanding.

Till the guy sat back down, right next to me, and asks in a quiet voice,” Would you like to get a job, miss? I can help you..”

At that point I stand up and bolt—err fast walk my butt out. Everything’s rushing through my mind, ‘Is he bsing me? Joking? Is this a camera joke? What is this guy doing?’ and I’m walking a marathon in the library to get out. As I reach the front I set of the alarm and the librarian waves to me. Turns out that in my panic I grabbed a book with me. She asks if I wanted to check it out and I say no and then asks if I wanted her to put it back, which I replied yes to. I turn and there I see that guy. He walks straight up to me with the sickest smile and goes,” There you are dear! Let’s go home.” And I feel queasy. The librarian looks up and asks,” Oh, are you two together?” Which he replies,” Yeah” and puts his arm around my shoulders.

At this point I feel like crying, but I’m so scared that I just tense up. I feel him squeeze my shoulder—hard. Finally I let out that I didn’t know him, that he was following me, and begged for help. The guy laughs and tells the librarian that I was joking and started gripping my shoulder. He starts moving me slowly towards the exit when I start crying. Not that sob-sort, but that one where your whole face is stiff and you close your eyes and they just come out. That’s when the librarian notices something amiss and picks up the phone to get a guard.

As soon as he sees the phone go up and hears her say,” Can I get someone up to the front please” He tries to grab me outside. I break away from him and hit him away with my backpack. He runs and I’m escorted to the staff lounge where I proceed to cry my head off, text and call Peter in a blur, and then talk to the police. They get his description, see that he’s all over the camera footage, and escort me out to my car, where I drive (more like sped) home.

Rough day. Tired. Hate people even more. ;|