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Part Two.

"Ugh." Kana groaned as she tried to hoist herself up off of the ice.
"I'm so damn clumsy." she muttered, picking up her books.
With her face and arms a little bruised, she continued to the library.

As she approached the library, she saw a mysterious figure off to the side of the library. She figured it was just a crazy person and paid them no mind.
Walking through the library doors, her frown and cloudy mood instantly brightened up as CJack was the first person she had saw.

"Hmm, what to choose. . ." CJack kept to himself, lost in though of what to read next.
Kana, overjoyed, instantly ran up to CJack and tapped him on his shoulder.
Unaware of who was touching him, a quick chill ran down his spine as he slowly turned around.
"H-hel--" Cut off in mid introduction, Kana quickly grabbed CJack and started to squeeze the life out of him, knocking down a couple of books in the process.
CJack, feeling the loss of blood flow to his legs, tried his hardest to free himself, failing to do so, he slowly said to her, "P-please. . . . Let go. . . . of . . .M-me."

Coming to her senses, Kana let go of CJack and started to turn cherry red.
"Oops, sorry about that." She apologized, I just. . . Kinda missed you.
Adjusting his glasses and picking up the dropped books, he paid no attention to what she had said.

"Excuse me? I couldn't hear you." He replied.

"Oh. . . Nevermind. . ." Kana said, a bit disappointed.

Sitting next to each other on a two person comforter, they talked about their favorite books and series.
Around an hour of laughing at some funny books they've both enjoyed, CJack noticed the bruises on her arm.

"What happened?" He asked.

"What do you mean?" She replied.

"I meant to say, what happened to your arm?" He said, being a bit more serious in tone.

"O-oh." She said, remembering what happened earlier and turning red cause of embarrassment.

"It's nothing, I just fell." She said softly.

Pushing his glasses up onto his face, and examining her bruise a bit more, he came to and said. "It must have been ice, right?"
A bit surprised, she asked, "How can you tell?"
He replied with a smile, "I've fallen in ice before."
They both laughed and CJack accidentally placed his hand on her arm.
A moment of silence fell before them as they both started to blush.
In a moment of hesitation, Kana leaned in and kissed CJack.
Kana felt as if she was the happiest person ever, she felt as if she was in Hawaii, relaxing on the beach.
Just then in the middle of her day dreaming, she came to and pulled away from CJack, staring into his surprised face.

"I. . ." Kana tried to speak, but couldn't say anything.
Instead, she ran into the children's corner, which was dark now, and sat next to a giant bear.
Still in shock, CJack couldn't do anything but watch her flee the scene.

Moments later, CJack, still thinking about what had just happened, smelled a familiar odor, but couldn't mark where he had smelt it before.
He arose from the couch, and started to wander the library trying to place his finger on the smell.
Kana, crying a bit in the corner hugging the giant teddy bear, started to talk to herself.

"Why did I have to go and do something so stupid? She said to herself.

"He probably hates me now, Gah! I should have never kissed him."
Saying this, she oddly felt warm.

"Why is it getting so hot?" She pondered.

Kana looked around but couldn't tell why the temperature was rising.
She decided that she'd unzip her coat when she heard a voice calling out to her.

"KANA!!!!" The voice called out.

Kana frantically looked around for the voice and saw that it was CJack, but the look on his face suggested that he needed to tell her something.

"CJack?" She said.

Without stopping CJack ran towards her at full speed and in an instant shoved her far away from the children's corner that she was standing in.
The force sent Kana flying and sliding far away from the children's corner, but before she could get up all she could hear was a great bang.
She looked around and saw the children's corner go up in flames.

"CJACK!!!!" She cried out, but got no response.

With tears rolling down her eyes, she frantically ran towards the children's corner, but was stopped by the library guard.
Yelling and screaming, she tried to get to the center.

"Please! Stop! I need to save him! I need to get CJack!! Please! He's still in

The guard replied. "I can't let you go any further! We will save your friend!"
She did not care for what the guard was saying, all she wanted to do was get to CJack, but due to all the smoke, she gradually grew weak and eventually passed out.

Stay tuned for more parts.


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