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Originally Posted by Valese
Not everyone will like that.. and I'm almost positive if that were to happen a lot of older players would quit.

Myself, I would maybe play if they were to wipe TO's old files, but I wouldn't enjoy it as much anymore. I didn't start over on any of my characters, they are what they are. There would be a huge chance that I wouldn't be into it much any more, but who knows.

I wouldn't like to see my Lvl 400 and 3x 300+ characters (or any other lower level nublets of mine <3) get deleted :/
I do see your point. I am horribly attached to my Priest...
I guess I wouldn't want to loose my items either... I'm quite attached to those as well...

Maybe it just depends on the person. Trickster was the only MMORPG I actually liked, that's mostly my reason why I'd still play.