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Originally Posted by ntreevloki
If you're looking for the *original* O/X Quiz hosts, that'd be Mobius and Chaos. When I first came on the scene, my first big goal was to host an O/X quiz. I was super stoked when they opened up a second quiz time for me to host. =)
Oh trust me when I say that I still chase after the ever elusive GM_Mobius...

Even though they were the actual original X/O GMs, you are definitely the one to make it exciting! Also very rewarding when the select few survive your murderous onslaught of questions

I have always praised Trickster's GMs as the most involving within the community, there is no questions about it. You simply don't see the level of interaction of GMs within the community in other MMOs. Even though some people are a little less patient with nTreev USA staff, not once did the (old) staff shrugged off a problem and ignore it and try to fix things if it's within their power. You guys always made players feel that they're top priority. I don't know any other MMO that after banning a char's account for comprimise/suspect hacked account, that would reinvestigate the account and unban it upon request. I sure know other games like WoW are extremely less lenient, and all their players pay for the game.

I believe Trickster wouldn't be as great as it is if not for the love and dedication staff and players put towards it. I definitely can see it after logging in for the first time after like 4-5 years since I last logged in. Episode Quests and various other additions like the improved drilling system (not hitting d everytime I wanna drill a new spot) really adds to the overall quality of the game. It is sad that there are technical issues (GameGuard) that prevents people from enjoying the game

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