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Default Project: Rebirth of Memories (RoM)

Project: Rebirth of Memories

Updated Daily! Last Update: 1/27/2013 at 5:13 PM PST
Revision log:

Hello everyone. Before we begin I would like to introduce myself.

My name is Eric and I have played Trickster since the day the servers went live. I mainly play a dragon on the Jewelia server named Dragon325. Anyways, I have brought back ~LeonSchroeder~ (yes the pink haired lion) and ShugoKunisaki384 as well as made new friends through CountBl00d and SmexayCoon in order to establish something we would like to call Project: Rebirth of Memories. Without further ado, let's begin.

What is RoM?
  • A campaign with one goal, to keep Trickster Global alive in one way or another
  • An opportunity for Tricksters to reunite again for the game they love

  • Run a Kickstarter to raise money so we can run the game ourselves
  • Getting the attention of other publishers to pick up the game

  • Rallies
  • Petitions
  • Mail campaigns
  • Screenshot collections
  • Possibly Kickstarter

First Rally - Friday, February 1, 2013 - 5:00 PM PST – Pacific Standard Time <-- Click if you aren't sure of time
  • Gather Tricksters at Megalo Square of their respective servers by Don Cavalier statue. Multiclient if you can and enjoy both Jewelia and Fantasia fun!
  • Socialize and campaign for our game
  • Take lots of screenshots
  • Submit screenshots to Facebook page
  • Getting more people's attention
  • Post screenshots to Gamerage's forum as well as sending them to Gamerage
  • Have fun!
  • Can't make it? Like the Facebook page and post old screenshots anyways. Also remember to spread and share the information around!

Things You Can Do To Help Now
  • Like our Facebook page and post screenshots and comments and share your memories (links at bottom of post)
  • Sign the petition (links at bottom of post)
  • If you have been dropping stuff, STOP! This will only make them say that we have already given up
  • If you haven't been dropping stuff, DO NOT START. Reason above
  • Show this post to friends, even those that just suddenly grew an interest in Trickster or haven't tried the game before
  • Show other Gameragers cause more than likely this WILL effect them one day
  • Start gathering your screenshots together
  • Start planning and writing your emails and letters to Gamerage and other companies


We are open to suggestions so feel free to post any suggestions. Make sure to stay on topic and that the posts are constructive and positive.

Final Words

Everyone out there, I really hope you will take a moment of your time to help support this campaign. Even those that play other Gamerage games should help support Trickster. Trickster was the game that started it all and if it falls like this, games like Grand Chase and Pangya might be next.

Please let as many people you know about this. Every bit of help will count. This is a time to make a difference and to rebuild a community.

We don't care if you are a new Trickster player or someone that believes Gamerage doesn't deserve such a beautiful game because if we all look deep down, we all know one thing is for certain. Trickster is a game that the world deserves. Trickster is a game that once brought us together and created beautiful friendship and communities like GGftw. And now, I hope Trickster will bring us together again one more time and give other people the opportunity to make happy memories and friends through Caballa Island.

Facebook page:

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