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If you're looking for the *original* O/X Quiz hosts, that'd be Mobius and Chaos. When I first came on the scene, my first big goal was to host an O/X quiz. I was super stoked when they opened up a second quiz time for me to host. =)

Making the decision to close a game is never easy, and although I don't know the exact circumstances behind Trickster, in general I've seen with games sunsetting that it's not strictly about money. It's a difficult and controversial topic, every situation is different, and only the folks who make the business decisions will often ever know exactly why it happens and how the timing is decided.

There was a game called Sephiroth in Korea that was published in North America as Turf Battles. It had a rocky start under the initial publisher and was later picked up by Aeria Games. They published it for a few years, but although the developers were working with them to try to fix some of the issues with publishing the game in the North American market, the efforts were ultimately unsuccessful and they shut it down. There was certainly community demand for the game, albeit a modest community; there was even a grassroots attempt to purchase the license from SmileGate (not SGI; SmileGate in Korea, which is SGI's parent company), and I think they were successful as of last year sometime. The difference there is that the players were actually going to be developing the game rather than just publishing; the original developers have moved on to other projects. That's pretty rare, too: usually the code isn't sold to a regional game unless the developers have well and truly written it off, because there can still be a ton of proprietary and sensitive information and technologies in game code. It's not uncommon--especially if you wrote your own engine--to repurpose a game in the service of your next game.