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Originally Posted by Rydia
IDK much about MMOs and how they decide to shut down but even though things got really shitty with gameguard I wonder if they had been planning to shut down even before that. Do they make the decision to kill a game within 6 months? I guess we will never know. ]:
Most likely somewhere in that time frame, yes. Outside of any sort of insane financial distress that would cause the company itself to go under, these decisions are made as the time to renew your contract with the developer draws near. They look at how much money they made during the year, how much money they spent in expenses or fees to get content patches / fixes from the developer, the amount of active players logging in to get an estimate of total activity, and then they decide if it's worth bothering to keep running.

Well, that's a very simplistic way of putting it anyway. There can be some other political factors too like not feeling the developer is respecting your region with refusal to resolve problems that they ended up creating.

The only ones who would truly know in this situation are the heads of SGi that go into that room to talk about the contract.