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Well, all good things must end one day, i'm pretty sad Trickster have to close even if it was obvious to me, 6years to play this game, so much time spent, so much money too, so much good moments, i meet a very few people which i'll never forget. I would be curious to know how many hours i have played this game.

Actually, the thing i'm the most proud during my 6 years in TO isn't to reach two char to level 400, but to joined Melt the snow which ever was for me, the strongest guild and one of the most dedicated guild of TO, with so few people in it, but always so strong to bosshunt, so strong in guild ranking regarding to the number of actives players, and since i was mainly a lonely player (yes, you can play a mmo during 6 years alone, most people actually bother me) this guild was definitivly the one I wanted to join, so yea, the day i joined this guild was one of the most epic moment for me.

I'm still jealous of Rydia and Settie's pet collection tho.

One amazing fact, the server will close on february 27th, which is exactly the same day i joined in 2007, with one of my IRL friend who quitted several months after.
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