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Dear Astro Blitz,

Well, the update error's kept me out since around November so in a way, I was already halfway gone (though Trickster and some of the people in it were never far from mind). Guess I've always hoped that it would be fixed Six years. That pretty much flew by in game. What led me to it was when I was playing AdventureQuest, there was an ad on the side and the thought was something like, "Hey, that looks cute". I remember wandering around Paradise and then meeting one of the very first people that would keep me with Trickster for so long (B<3) and then the circle grew. Haha, Sol and I met in Luffy's AnimeAngel and although we ended up choosing different guilds after, me back to *Pocky* and he went to Kiwi (that evolved into Astro), it was nice having another friend. Long story short, a few guild changes and years later, he pulled me back into Astro and the rest is history. So many great personalities, what can I say to you guys except thank you? Thank you for your time, joy, and generosity, for building a place where we were free to be ourselves, for taking in a little bunny when she was sad over being one of the sole survivors in yet another defunct guild. It's tough to say goodbye so for now, I'll just say see you later.

With bacon, love, and penguins,

Inspiration/Fluff =J

P.S. I'd support a keep-in-contact thread and tried out Pangya. It pales in comparison to what I found in Trickster Online but what can I say? You never forget your first? The first cut is the deepest? Haha, pulling another song title into a letter. Idk. It's just random rambling now so...


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