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Default what you current or temp replacement for TO ?

I know alot of players are having a hard time at the moment. even I am. I havent felt this much Deep Depression since Toonami got shut down. a Real cry from my feelings.
I know sometime or maybe all the time I can be a Real Jerk but I'm just being Honest.
sometime Brutelly but I prefer harsh words in order to let you know that this is reality. DEAL WITH IT!

I'm just curious, what other online game are you guys playing as a current or Temperary replacement for TO ?

Right Now I have Grand Chase. but I need a New Game. A Refresh.

so I'm thinking about some game I want to play and I want your input but you don't have to answer this questoin.

I have HUGE list but I cut it down for the games I really prefer to play as I start to really think things thru...

I don't play games that has not been our for more then at least a Year.

Lunia, Spirit Tales, C9 contient of the ninth and WonderLand.

Comis Break mainly cuz it remind me of Megaman Legends.

these are mine so what are yours ?

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