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Originally Posted by Ryxios
Do you actually have any facts, or are you just going by what you hear? Because the things you hear are not always correct. Nexon is better than many people give them credit for. As I've previously mentioned, they are certainly not without their faults, but saying they are "shit" is not true at all.

Trickster is the one dying, but yet Maplestory is still going strong after 7 years. Gee, I wonder which one is run by a (mostly) competent company? the very least, if nexon does get it, which fro some reason I don't think they will, one of the reason why is cuz yes, the game is outdated unless Nexon can find a way around that.

but I think the NCsoft will mostly likely publish it cuz they own over 70% of Ntreev and they have Failing been trying to make a so call Casual game and stuff...

why else do you think NCsoft bought Ntreev ? cuz they continue to fail on make Casual games...

also, cuz someone here said cuz it does not meet Nexon Expectation/Requrement. I look at Nexon Games and other stuff as well, and I'm mostly Judging this by the cover and not the book inside, but they don't look like the company that would want Trickster Online.

I could wiki Nexon for General and Basic Information about them but meh...whatevz...