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Originally Posted by Atmosphere
it seems like Ive gotten my facts mixed up. Ive been on this game for so long, gameguard always feels like it's gone and then back again...

Also, **** your system up?
Please enlighten me :/
(I haven't been on this game since the summer)

Anyhow, if it's after the summer of 2012 there were very people left anyways. (Its like the final blow, but not the biggest cause of TO closing)

Edit: I see what you are taking about, but game guard could always been removed if too many problems are caused. For them to close.. is well dramatic.

(Authority or not, if a problem becomes big enough it has to dealt with?)

Depending on when game guard was added back could answer a few questions....
If it's a fairly recent addition, then I doubt it has the potential to close a game.
Gameguard came back after summer 2012 which started the cause. During summer of 2012, they introduced fast track that widely attracted many players back as well as new skills and the Poppuri event. However when gameguard was reintroduced, many people had problems with it one way or another. Some didn't know to run it as administrator or other issues starting the game with it. Unlike gameguard in games like Grand Chase, the method tied with Trickster caused system errors for some.

Some people even had their copy of Windows 7 being invalidated until they restarted their computer. That was just bad. Also, the reintroduction of gameguard also made the authorization packets being sent at a slower rate. Compare the time it takes to log in with and without gameguard and the different is probably at least another 20 seconds. For some, this also caused a problem logging in where they would be timed out of the log in process and wouldn't be able to log into the game.

Personally I have not had many problems with Gameguard, but for those that do, it was quite serious and quickly ridding Trickster of the players that came during those events.