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Most people are blaming "game guard" as one of the main reasons Trickster is shutting down. Sadly, I find it hardly an excuse. Game guard has been implemented and removed numerous times through the history of Trickster.

There are many ways of playing trickster (with game guard) using windows 7.
I don't really recall the exact methods, however I had windows 7 when guard guard was there. (So i know it's possible and not that much work)


The real reasons Trickster IS shutting down:

1 .7767
We have a very small community/small playerbase.
Trickster cannot afford to lose as many players as it has.
We hardly get any new players as it is and knocking off so many old ones is suicide.

For the old players who remember this... the severs were full and another world was even created. But near the last few years of trickster, pearl island got removed.

Anyone who has experienced 7767 should know how annoying it is and the fact it can lead to a ban. (Too many reoccurring incidents)

Problems this has led:

Problem: It takes too long for a reply and you cannot recharge.
Result: Less money made for the company and hostility from the players

Problem: Many, many old players with galaders and super rare items/good boss gear were banned.

Result: Gold sink and prices of rare/uniques have gone up in price exponentially.
We have a small community!


In accordance with jewelia prices!

Soki staff: ( I know someone with 3-4 sets and got banned...)
Original price: 2B
Inflation: 8B

Hurricane Rapier (I don't really understand the obsession between 2 slots and 3 slots but.... once again someone with four 3slot rapiers got banned)

Original price: Possibly buyable price depending if you had galaders
Inflation: Almost non-exisitent. (1-2left in game)

2.Hackers and level up GB's

-Very self explanatory

3. Game became very weird....

No real new content exists... (sure re-vamps but still...)
No real grinding spots for many levels causing gaps :/

Wasn't as rewarding as the past. The game became quest collecting as oppose to grinding which rpg's are suppose to be :/


Trickster is a small community of players. ( I cannot stress enough!)

Hacking may be okay for sites like Maple Story. They are huge enough to withstand it. But not trickster.

Gold sinks and item sinks are okay for sites like Neopets or gaia. They are huge, virtually no difference.

Here in trickster we are small, we have little as it is. Things like this will hurt us immensely!

__________________________________________________ ______________________

I wanted to add:

Trickster will close, almost guaranteed.

Trickster switched from Ntreev to SGI without saying they are closing or anything.

If they go as far as to announce the game closing, it means there is very little hope.
(Nothing is impossible, but still)

To go this far, they really hurt their playerbase and it creates fear for the future.
(Never good)

To drive any site to this point, one can say it's (eTO) already over.

EDIT: Let the debate commence!

I am not trying to start anything. I did love this game and I am still fairly attached to it, bc of the memories i had. I just wanted to let everyone know why trickster is shutting. (This is our game after all, speaking as part of a community)

Please +REP!!!!!

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