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Default Rebirths are confusing, help?

I understood that it's a good idea to rebirth to get more stats and skill points, I understood that part very clear.
But once I've been shoved with the fact there's 7 different rebirth books, my head exploded and fallen into confusion.

Would be really appreciated if somebody could help me understand the format behind rebirthing:
1. What level is recommended to rebirth at? 70? 80?
2. What does the monthly rebirth cooldown depend on, the recent book used, or the book that will be used next? (For example, say I used a Rebirth Guideline for Hero which has 2 months applied to it, can I use a 1 month manual after that instead of waiting 2 months?)
3. What is the difference between 6 Unlimited Rebirth Blessed Rebirth Manual (Initializing Lv.) and 6 Unlimited-Rebirth 70 Lv. Blessed Rebirth Manual?
4. From what I've read, some rebirth books don't reset your level and instantly add the count (So if you rebirth at level 80 you'll instantly be total 160), what's the point of the other books then?
5. Lastly, what is the most efficient way to rebirth? Which book to use first, which books after that?

Thank you