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Originally Posted by Vith
You, my friend, are very smart. I am sure a new publishing company will pick up it up sometime in the near future or eventually. If not, well, the game has had a good run as I've stated before.

I just find it a bit silly how some people are being a bit too over melodramatic.
I dunno. I think if Trickster is ever 'revitalized', it won't be for a good while yet. Hopefully a less incompetent company will run it, at least.

It's incredibly sad to see this site go.. I started playing a few only a years ago, and instantly fell in love with trickster's concepts, art and so on. Though I did not experience the changing of ownership(?), server changes etc, I have experienced the decreasing amount of users online, and irritating glitches that never seemed to be fixed - and as for LAMEguard, that certainly had me in fits of rage many a time. It was evident to me that the game wouldn't last much longer, and it's a real shame that that came to be - as from what everyone else has been saying, the game used to be really good, but massively went down-hill.

I will sincerely miss this game, all the money I spent on it, and the few decent people I had the pleasure to have met here.

Can anyone recommend a/ similar site/s? Though not quite similar, Dungeon Fighter Online caught my eye around the same time as TO, but alas, it's only open to people in the USA/ Canada, and I am situated in the UK. ;[