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I haven't been active on Trickster in a long time. I think the last time I actually played was early 2011, but I haven't played "regularly" since late 2008. A big part of the reason I stopped playing was because Ntreev began changing too many things. I wasn't a big fan of all of the revamps associated with the Revolution and the growing focus on MyShop rather than in-game content. Still, I felt like I should login and say something since the game is shutting down.

I knew that Ntreev was headed on a downward spiral, with so many loyal, hardworking, legitimate players being blocked for no reason. I knew nothing would change and I was angry at Ntreev for ignoring so many great suggestions by the community to improve the game. The old crew I used to play with moved on to other games and so did I.

I made the decision some time ago to quit playing all MMO's in an attempt to focus on real life and I haven't actively played Trickster in so long that I didn't expect this to bother me as much as it does. Even if it weren't shutting down, I wouldn't be playing, so I shouldn't care, but somehow I do. I can't say I'm surprised. I didn't even expect the game to make it this long with the path it has been following. I still love Trickster and I'll never forget it.

My memories of this game might be seen through rose colored glasses but to me the best memories I have are from Links to Fantasy, when all training areas were active and Trickster felt most alive. Before ggFTW, back when the community used myTrickster. I remember seeing Wind/Earth Sheep at Nora Sewers and Snow Field 3 and actually being inspired to create one myself (though I never did, I was always a Dragon guy).

It's sad to see Trickster go and I do have many regrets, but mostly that I didn't enjoy the game more when it was actually alive instead of worrying about getting stronger and leveling up. I don't regret playing.

May Trickster Online R.I.P. and though many of you are new faces to me, it was a pleasure being a part of the community.

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