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Originally Posted by Jare
Depends on the contract that they have. Dragon Nest is region locked because there's a Dragon Nest SEA, so more than likely Nexon NA is obligated to lock out SEA players so that they're not in direct competition with whatever company hosts SEA.
Yeah this.

Think about it for a second. If Dragon Nest SEA did not exist at the time but discussions were going on with a publisher that wanted to do it, the existence of a region that already has players from SEA would deter them from wanting to even sign a contract. Why would you bother paying for the rights to manage Dragon Nest for your region if all the players are invested in an area outside of your control?

Considering that other areas of the world have no interest in touching the game for their region, Trickster is potentially safe from that sort of thing. That doesn't mean it couldn't happen of course.

I also agree with the statement that if it can't survive if Nexon picked it up then it just plain can't survive.