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Hey everyone! Noob guy (now rank 24) with Shiva-MysticFlameSwd-Naga-Gigandes (leveling up increases his cost so i can't use him until next level! Oh, the humanity...) here...

I managed to get a Titan after grinding for one in the Tower of Giants and then subsequently leveled him to 25, then evolved him...and now i don't fit the cost requirements again D:. Is it just the stage 2 goblins that give a chance for Titan to level his skill?

Not sure what to level first now...Swordsman? Or Naga? I haven't even seen a jewel monster yet, so I'm not bothering with being terribly efficient with my feeding (I'm running out of space anyway...keeping 3x of each of the dragon seeds (up to flower), as well as 3 mythlits that dropped for me today in a row...I've had more mythlits drop than rubylits, I shit you not).

After I hit 20, my lvl 20 gacha gave me a green starter and the reciprocal gacha gave me a red starter. Should I add the red starter to my team as leader once I have him at his fifth stage for the 2x fire damage bonus? Or does Shiva's 1.5x damage and recovery leader skill still trump that? Thanks.