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I feel like Trickster Online has soo much left to offer. There are many aspects of this game that could be expanded upon. I can just picture mycamps becoming a huge thing and everyone hanging out in each others houses... Not to mention the future updates that we thought we would see.
GUARANTEED that if enough effort/money/whatever was put into this game it would be successful. CAUSE IT'S ****ING MAGICAL.
Trickster Online
It not only was an escape from reality... '07-'13
It was, and still is, the most beautiful & cutest game I've ever seen.
Yes, it is similar to many mmorpgs: the quests, the grinding, the dailies, the storyline, and the classes; But there is something magical about Caballa Island.
The magic for me was the customization and the uniqueness of our characters. Yes, in T.O. you could essentially have the exact same build and equipment as someone else, but the amount of clothes and pets we could choose from made each of our characters truly unique.
The magic for me is also the overall feeling of the game... Just look at those the vivid colors! Also, the details the illustrators and artists put into the maps, items, & everything (I mean, have you seen episode 6??!!?? (just Nefrititi's Audidence Chamber alone is gorgeousssss!)).
It is the whole I-feel-like-I'm-in-a-damn-anime-show feeling that I will truly miss.
The cute little emoticons and skills... Choco of Love <3
There is also the beautiful, sometimes-annoying and now I'm finding it to be nostalgic music. I know after trickster ends I will still listen to the score.
After reading this you can see I truly love Trickster. I loved the game itself, and I have yet to even mentioned the amazing people I have met over the years D;
I am now going to enjoy the time (1 month, 2 days) I have left.

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