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Default 1/24 PBE Update #2: Steel Legion Garen and Much More

Surrender at 20: 1/24 PBE Update #2: Steel Legion Garen and Much More

The PBE has been updated for the second time today and this one is quite gigantic!
Continue reading for a closer look at Steel Legion Garen, a peek at the updated Steel Legion Lux Ultimate particle, some new Ui stuff, bots talking, a horde of balance changes, and more!

( Warning: PBE content is highly tentative and subject to change! Some of this information may have been datamined and could likely be erroneous. )

Steel Legion Garen Model
The recently revealed Steel Legion Garen skin is now available for PBE testing!

Here is a short video preview of it in action:

Steel Legion Lux Ultimate Particle Finished
Instead of that ugly blue placeholder particle, Steel Legion Lux now fires a plasma-y shot.

New UI Stuff
There were a few new additions to the UI in this patch, including the display of Turret or Inhibitor deaths in the kill feed and a new UI option for "loss of control bars"

Whenever a summoner destroys a tower, inhibitor, inhibitor tower, or Nexus tower, it now shows up in the kill feed on the right hand side of the screen.

I'm not particularly sure what it does but there is now an option to "Show Loss of Control Bars". It's likely the fruition of Xelnath'sgiant thread a few weeks back and has something to do with being CCed but I haven't been able to find anything it actually changes yet.

Bots Talk Now
As we saw coming in a previous update, bot's now talk! They chat it up with messages at the start and end of games, as well as unique lines under special circumstances.
Check this post for more info.

Balance Changes
A whole buncha changes, including all those previously mentioned AIR client changes, are packed in this one. This is the first time they have been applied to the actual PBE game client and not just datamined from the AIR client.

* Note: These numbers are relative to what they are currently on LIVE servers vs what they are currently on the PBE server.

  • Base Mana reduced to 200 ( +40 per level ) from 240 (+40 per level ).
  • Rocket Grab ( Q ) mana cost increased to 120 mana at all ranks from 110.
  • Feral Scream ( W ) silence duration reduced to 1.5/1.75/2/2.25/2.5 seconds from 2/2.3/2.5/2.8/3 seconds
  • Neurotoxin ( Q ) mana cost increased to 80/85/90/95/100 from 60 at all ranks.
  • Cocoon ( E ) mana cost reduced to 50 at all ranks from 65.

  • Rising Spell Force ( Passive ) duration reduced to 5 seconds from 6 seconds.
  • Trueshot Barrage ( R ) now deals 10% less damage for each unit it passes through up from 8%
  • Bouncing Blades ( Q ) base damage lowered to 60/85/110/135/160 from 60/90/120/150/180.
  • Death Lotus ( R ) AP ratio increased to 2 from 1.75
  • Shunpo ( E ) damage reduction duration reduced to 1.5 seconds from 3 seconds.
  • Slicing Maelstrom ( R ) energy cost reduced to 0 from 50/45/40 energy.

Master Yi
  • Meditate ( W ) heal increased to 200/350/500/650/800 from 140/280/420/560/700.
  • Meditate ( W ) mana cost reduced to 50/65/80/95/110 from 70/80/90/100/110.
  • Meditate AP ( W ) ratio reduced to 2 AP from 4 AP.
  • Base Movement speed increased to 350 from 340.
  • Blood Boil ( W ) movement speed increase lowered to 8/9/10/11/12% from 11/12/13/14/15%
  • Blood Boil ( W ) attack speed increase lowered to 25/30/35/40/45% from 25/35/45/55/65%.
  • Blood Boil ( W ) duration lowered to 12 seconds from 15 seconds.

  • Undertow's ( Q ) slow now fades over time.
  • Vicious Strikes ( W ) cooldown increased to 16 at all ranks from 12 seconds.
  • Ragnarok no longer grants passive Armor penetration and instead grants 10/20/30 armor pen while Ragnarok is active.
  • Two-Shiv Poison ( E ) passive slow reduced to 10/15/20/25/30 from 20/22.5/25/27.5/30
  • Two-Shiv Poison ( E )active slow reduced to 10/15/20/25/30 from 20/22.5/25/27.5/30
  • Deceive ( Q ) range reduced to 400 from 500.
  • Fient's ( W ) Ki Strike reduction lowered to 1 seconds from 1.5 seconds.

  • Rapid Fire ( Q ) mana cost reduced to 50 at all ranks from 80 at all ranks
  • Explosive Shot ( E ) active damage increased to 110/150/190/230/270 from 110/140/170/200/230

  • Power Transfer ( Q ) shield amount changed to 32/50/68/86/104 ( +.26 AP ) from 40% damage dealt.
Athene's Unholy Grail
  • Total cost reduced to 2600 from 2800.
  • Total cost increased to 3200 from 3000.
The Black Cleaver
  • Health reduced to 200 from 250.
  • Armor reduction reduced to 5% each stack from 6.25% each stack but now stacks 5 times instead of 4 times.
Banner of Command
  • Total cost reduced to 2360 from 2400
  • Now builds out of Fiendish Codex and Emblem of Valor

Deathfire Grasp
  • Total cost increased to 3300 from 3000.
  • Now builds out of Needlessly Large Rod + Fiendish Codex
  • Ability power increased to 120 from 100.
Doran's Shield
  • HP regen increased to 8 per 5 from 5 per 5.
Fiendish Codex
  • Total cost lowered to 820 from 1000.
  • Now builds out of Amp Tome + 385 gold.
  • No longer grants Mana Regen
Frozen Heart
  • Total cost lowered to 3000 from 3100
Giant's Belt
  • Bonus health lowered to 380 HP from 400
Locket of the Iron Solari
  • Health lowered to 400 from 425
  • Now builds of of Fiendish Codex, Faerie Charm, and Kage's LP instead of Fiendish Codex and Kage's LP
Nashor's Tooth
  • Total cost lowered to 2270 from 2500.
  • Mana regen removed

Ruby Sightstone
  • Total cost increased to 1550 from 1330
  • Health increased to 360 from 300

  • Total cost increased to 950 from 700
  • Now builds out of Ruby Crystal + 475 gold
  • Health increased to 180 from 100.

Spirit of Ancient Golem
  • Total cost decreased to 2300 from 2400.

Spirit of the Elder Lizard
  • Total cost decreased to 2300 from 2400

Spirit of the Spectral Wraith
  • Total cost decreased to 1565 from 1965

Spirit Stone
  • Total cost decreased to 700 from 800

Sunfire Cape
  • Total Cost increased to 2650 from 2500.

Trinity Force
  • Total cost decreased to 3903 from 4200 ( intended. )
Warmog's Armor
  • Now builds out of Giant's Belt, Ruby Crystal and TWO Rejuv beads instead of just GB, Rc, and one RB.
  • Total cost increased 2830

Zhonya's Hourglass
  • Now Builds out of Seeker's Arm Guard ( new item ) and a Needlessly Large Rod
  • Total cost increased to 3410 from 3100
  • Ability power increased to 120 from 100.
New Items
Seeker's Arm Guard
  • Builds out 2x Cloth Armor and an Amplifying Tome
  • + 30 Armor
  • + 25 AP.
  • Unique Passive: Killing a unit grants .5 bonus armor and ability power. This bonus stacks up to 30 times.
  • Builds into Zhonya's Hourglass.

PHEW! If you spot any mistakes, be sure to let me know in the comments or over on twitter.