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Alright alright, time to write a Let's Talk about Fullcloth.


First thing people are going to notice: Mobility Up. It helps a little for mode 1, but not too noticeable. Pretty much useless when you are in mode 2. Pirate's Conviction is, like all Crossbones, a pretty good skill.

Mode 1
Has a 360 solid shield

w1 Hi-Muramasa Blaster w/Beam Emitters - big sword, range looks as big as the sword is. Does a bunch of horizontal slashes. Speed is okay, but not the best. It's a bit on a clunky side for MCA and such, but damage is top notch.
w2 Peacock Smasher - Taken from Skullheart but with a surprise: it STUNS. Spreas beam stun gun that's pretty easy to land a shot. I usually did 4 hits with w1, and circled out to crit the guy with the peacock smasher. I also used it to approach someone for mleee, or chain it with w3.
w3 Hi Muramasa Blaster Gun Mode - taken from X3, but somewhat nerfed: it induces self immobility which makes this weapon rather hard to use. The immobility is quite long too, so you shouldn't use it in a gun fight out in the open. I like to chain it with w2, so w2 + w3, and w2 + w3 again. Reload and damage are largely the same as X3.

Super American mode
Has a 360 ifield

w1 Super American Ifield Punches - fast, fast, fast. Easy to cancel, good reach even though they're punches, good damage. Can chain 8 hits.
w2 Super American Ifield Hook Punch - does a hook punch, simple as that. Does good damage (reminds me of Banshee mode 1's w3, but not as high damage), is instant, and decent reach. Another neat thing is that it either causes really low KD value, or it doesn't KD at all.
w3 Super American Dash - HUGE dash with huge hit radius and decent distance. It is also instant. Like the hook punch, it causes low KD value or non at all.

Overall, pretty fun suit to play, you noticed how I didn't talk about the X3ish defense? With the 360 shielding, you should do fine. I find myself using purge mode a lot more often than Fullcloth mode, especially when it's an indoor small map. The fullcloth and Ifield shielding can abosrb quite a bit of damage, and it's also a 360 shield. My personal experience: I got ganged up on and died too much, so you should be a little more cautious. the shielding is good but no where near SR Dendro levels. Also, another thing: the SP damage is bullshit. The good kind of bullshit. The damage is high, as I SPed a Pazabi at 60% and I still killed it (Pazabi has pretty high Hp stat for those that don't know).

Of course, I'm still learning to use Fullcloth. Played about 60 matches. Everyone give a round of applause for MASTER RAI, who is running 2 Fullcloths in ships and can give some more insight.
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