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Originally Posted by Torikakae
If you quit, as in really quit the game
The funny thing is, I actually never made the conscious decision to quit.

Remember way back when when those compound stones for pets released in the cash shop and they were glitched to where they could be used on equipment? People were raving about them, because they had better ranges than the equipment stones, and were cheaper. I remember buying a set to test on an Azhi vest I had, but I ended up getting the same subpar results I get with regular stones anyway, so I left it alone after that (besides the fact it was a glitch, blah blah). I wasn't very active around that time anymore but still logged on periodically to goof off. When the announcement came that equipment comped with the glitched stones would be deleted, I did log on and Nate the vest to save it.

And then I just... never logged back on again after that. That was literally the last time I was on the game.

I don't really understand why I did what I did. When I saved the vest, I had intended to still log on from time to time, but it never happened, and I gradually lost interest in it. /shrug