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This spins me out, I played since Trickster was born and to think I'm still playing this very day knowing it's about to end soon is a total spin out. 2006-2013!
R.I.P xCupcakesx HVKitteh CharmHitKO CuTe__ShEeP

Sooo many memories and great people I got to meet in this game that will never be forgotten. It's crazy seeing people give away and drop their stuff just like that, I feel like I'm not ready to let everything slip away.

A special shout out to Joyce who mentioned me in her post, mwah!

I feel like I should be saying so much more but I feel completely speechless

Edit: There aren't any other "replacement" games, in my opinion Trickster isn't replaceable, no other games can replace the memories and how much fun I had playing. I am not the type to play these types of games, it's really a mystery how I managed to stick with Trickster so long without giving up completely. I don't find any games amusing or even worth getting into, but somehow Trickster didn't bore me at all, I actually had the patience to play. I've learnt a lot playing this game, not only about the game itself but I've.. I guess I'm a lot more grown up than I used to be both physically and mentally, the few special people I have met on TO played a big role in doing so actually! And I will be by their side for a long time yet to come. There are those friends that come and go but the ones that mean something will stick around longer than you think.

A big THANK YOU!!! goes out to those special people who have stuck by my side through thick and thin, ups and downs and smiles and frowns.

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