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Originally Posted by Torikakae
No, no. I think we misunderstood each other.

I said I do not think the playerbase's complaining was a major cause of the shutdown (but I do not think that it didn't at least play a minor role). I am not blaming them neither for this fault.

What I said, was that I am bitter because we all know that this day would come. However, we who enjoyed the game couldn't even enjoy it in peace. The same complaints are repeated over and over, but SGi saw things differently. So when complaints go unheard, they turn into rants, or at least criticisms towards those players who actually didn't mind it at all. We, who tried to at least make the best of it, get insulted (I can really name names, but I should not) for playing/liking the game. It wouldn't be so bad if it were isolated cases. But they come in droves, constantly.

Those who left the game, had their peace when they quit. We didn't have that. Those final moments where we could enjoy ourselves, we didn't even have that.

That's why I'm bitter. Not to those who got banned, they have their reasons. Not to those who complained legitimately, they had their reason.

Those who "quit" then came back just to criticize, those who complained about MS over and over and over even if they have the option to not buy/ignore (which is different form complaining about lack of content), those who keep harassing the players who enjoy the game. Those who are not thankful when SGi actually DOES something good (Tapasco Key Quests, Chaos Tower Equipments, etc...) Those are whom I am very bitter towards. And there are a lot.

If these do not apply to you, then I apologize if you think it did.

ohhh stop whining~ man-up
we all are sad and TO sometime was just about MS - we all enjoyed it in a different ways and saying the players who complained about stuff caused TO being closing is just pure crap
they didn't care about our thought, even back then when they kept giving us lame poppuri raweds every year and now when they are closing..