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Lightbulb Operation: Noahs ark. (How to invade thailand trickster xD)

Since eTO is dieing, I decided to try other tricksters.

First up on my list to try is: Thailand Trickster online

Benefits: no tricky IP Ban to fool, Items in English, random stuff in English, you can chat in English characters

cons: (like the other TO's) ncp's dialog is in their language. Server is in a different location. Slower to update than eTO,jTO,kTO

as proof as that it works: the Cait already got it working, and made a tutorial video!
Trickster Online - How to connect to Trickster Thailand (eTO is shutting down / closing) - YouTube

I decided to make this for people who prefer pictures :3
(and incase the video/youtube dies xD)

Disclaimer: Educational/informative purposes only.

To enter tTO, you'll need to make a tTO account.

here's where you can do that:
Trickster :: Promotion :: - Trickster Thailand

First find dat register button!!!!!!


Then You accept the EULA (terms), by hitting the left button


Then you type in your info:

Thailand ID # (I'll get to this later...)

User name*



Forum Name*

Comfirm Password

the the capcha like authentication thingy (type what you see in the greybox into the text box!!!)


Both the user name and Forum name Need authentication. So click the button next to the text box to authenticate. See below pictures for what to look for~


As for the Thailand ID#, you gotta "find" and # that can be used :3

if a message pops up on the same window when you authenticate, its probably a number that won't work.

If a messages pops up in a new window, its a number that will work :3

(I'm not sure how to get a number.... See Cait's video.... or google it )


Click the submit button, and if it looks like this, you probably did it right :3


Look I can log in!!!


you can download a copy of the Thailand game client from the website, or you can download from Cait's mirror~(faster!)

[This space is for screen shots of me in tTO... if it works xD]

I'm in

White screen, Hackshield Pro looking like its doing nothing.

Let is sit, and update. takes a long time D: (20minutes+)

else: close client, go where trickster is installed, run the HShield update alone, and leave it to update~

else: Uninstall tTO, Reinstall tTO, Update HShield FIRST, then run tTO to update client.

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