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Originally Posted by DELiTO
When you get used to the gunner, this should be your best combo for bossing.

You WILL need Speedloader and Keen Sense. It will take you some time to master this combo but when you do, your damage will go insane.

1 - Normal shot.
2 - Power shot.
3 - Timed Crit normal shot.
4 - Double Shot.
5 - Timed Crit normal shot.
6 - Power Shot.
7 - Timed Crit normal shot.

And so on. If you get the first 3 steps right, you don't have to worry about the timing anymore, just keep going as fast as you can. This combo was especially designed so you have the exact amount of time to cast a power shot/double shot before your next timed critical shot.

That's why Speedloader is fundamental. The combo will not work out without it.
Any high-tiered (boss, alti, ultimate, MyShop, Gacha, Powerful) gun has a reload time of ~1s. 1s is about the time that it takes for your skills to go through. I don't have Speedloader (anymore) and I was able to pull-off that exact same combo, bar the timed criticals because they're a waste without Gun Overdrive, without any difficulty at all.

Speedloader is irrelevant.

Originally Posted by DELiTO
(1)Gun Booster is useful if you are running around with a Rally Towel, an ultimate blue seal gun lv 5 with 600 AP and 12 AC, Ult. Brim cap with + 18 AC, GMV, poppuri leaf cape and baby lion as pet. Not assuming everyone is cashed, but they should be, unless you think you can clear chaos tower with that gear.

(2)"Best kind of targeting AoE system in the game" if you want to be gang-banged by the monsters around you.

(3)Power Shot > Double Shot > Shooting Spree is indeed a good combo but not for bosses. If you want to see a full damage combo on a single target, check my post above, it will also explain why speedloader is essential, not only for bosses but for fast quest item hunting as well. If you use your combo on a boss, shooting spree will hit the summons instead of the boss itself, you will lose a lot of time and damage and you will have a hard time for the rest of your life.

(4)A gunner isn't all about skills. You have to know how to fully play your character(including timed criticals) in order to find out which combo is more suitable to the circumstances.
(1) I can (almost) clear Chaos Tower with mostly average compounded gear. Gun's a bit above-average for someone without any money, but the rest of it is just basics you can get in MyShop. I can get to the second to last boss and then from there I lack the LK to kill the boss and beyond I just don't have the patience to deal with the lag. It's not all that hard, especially given that I only have like 15k HP and 100 HV total and if you cashed out you can get plenty more than that. If you think Chaos Tower is hard, you're doing a lot of somethings wrong.

That being said, Gun Booster adds damage if you're unfunded. You're busy preaching the gospel of Speedloader when its bonuses are trivial and potentially (I'll give you some of the benefit of the doubt) increase dps by a marginal amount. Gun Booster gives damage regardless. Not to mention it's not like you have that many long buffs to cast anyways.

In the event of a "powerleveling argument": Not everyone is cashed out.

(2) Still the best AoE targeting system in the game. If I can make it by virtually anywhere with 15k HP and ~100 HV (this isn't even a defensive set-up) then any cashed out player will be just fine in PvM and PvBoss, especially if they have a Guardian.

Again I remind you that you assume people are cashed out in some instances and are not in other instances. Pick a scenario and argue for it. Don't argue that people are funded in one instance and then instantly assume they're not funded, especially in a guide. If you're cashed out, Shooting Spree is an amazing AoE and you won't have any trouble with it.

(3) If you have a Guardian (assuming you should though since you're $$$-out), that is a perfectly fine bossing rotation. Most non-Chaos Tower bosses will die quickly anyways as well.

(4) You should probably work on that because it's clear you're confused. Sorry that you wasted your time with this sub-par guide though. Glad that you don't have to misdirect many a generations of Lions though.