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Has anyone tried out Thresh in the jungle? I was watching TheOddOne's stream and in one game he tried it out. Unfortunately, I fell asleep before anything really went on. I feel like his ganks could actually be pretty good, seeing as he has a grab, and then another skill that can knock you back? Something like that. And if he has his ult (DA BOXXXXXXX), it also slows and such.

But anyway, I don't really know how I feel about Thresh as a whole. Seems like his soul gathering can get you caught out if you're being careless (LET ME CLEAR THIS WAVE AND GET MORE SOULS WHILE I HAVE NO VISION ON ANY ENEMY CHAMPS). It actually happened in one of my games, where the enemy Thresh was farming in a lane by himself, and was about to go back in the brush when he realized he had missed a soul and walked out, then got buttspanked by me and 2 others on my team, lolz.

That one lantern skill does seem like it needs nerfing. Dat range, so long. But the actual idea of Thresh is pretty cool. His log-in theme fits so well, it makes me cry a little.