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Originally Posted by GDBunny
god...i already missing it...dun wanna it to close at all......the cute graphic will disappear....
This. exactly. I haven't actively played Trickster in several years (since 2008), but I have come back pretty frequently just to log in, see what's new, and walk around the beautiful Caballa island a bit. The cute graphics style and bright colors are always what kept me returning to Trickster, even when myshop made the game way unbalanced and the lack of new content drove everyone to boredom and leaving the game. I was just about to start back up with Trickster (for however long it might last) but now I just have to say goodbye. I am very, very sad. A lot of it because I just didn't expect it. I will definitely miss Trickster, and I only hope some other dev picks it up at some point in the future. All of the beautiful art is too amazing to just waste like this.