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IGN: Misbaby
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It's Misbaby here, and I want to tell you GM, even though I never get a prize from community event, even though I never get a unique from boss, I still love this game.
I had so many choices, there were a lot of games of different types I played, but TO was always the only one Im sticked to.
When I get a new laptop, the first thing is to download TO.
Every morning when I wake up, I sign the log on tag in my forum and have a look ggFTW and also my guild catting group.
I had so many friends here, most of them helped me a lot but never ask for pay back.
I am so in love with this game and am going to cost a lot in this game. But what I didn't expect to happen just happened. I still have the hope of TO even when I already experienced one of its server closed. I was a new player to eTO but never a new player to TO.

I love you all, and seriously I never love a guy as deep as loving TO, ironic huh?