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I have a feeling trix is the only game I could run on this old desktop without too much lag, but after I get a new laptop I might start on some other MMOs...but that probably won't be until summer which I guess in a sense is good since I can focus on my studies a little more >.<

as for MMO I was looking and blade and soul with ciel the other day and the graphics are stunning~;u; aldkfjdskf it's so hard to find a game with trickster like graphics though....they're all mostly..3d now.

if nothing happens to the forums I'll probably come around here now and then and see what's happening with everyone, but otherwise I'd just be on deviantart, twitter, tumblr and skype (⁰⊖⁰)

but for now I'm gonna look for time and get my bunny to 290 so I can use that mace (ง ̀┌┐́)ง, and fuse a bunch of stuff xD not looking forward to the lag the switch accounts frequently to transfer stuff'll cause me though.
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