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I didn't slept well last night hearing that TO gonna be closed down...i met alot of great funny cute people and even the love of my life,my dreadpirate<3 my babyboo, now I won't see my bunny sitting on top of him anymore..there are still many fuses I want to try and get the soki set and I need to get my dread set back...yet,those GMs or whoever just gave up on us when we didn't even fully give up on the game yet....sure some people did quit but we are still here....even with the glitches and bugs...we are still playing...tbh the glitches and bugs kinda of brought us closer to each other cuz we stop whatever we doing and chill with friends...some people who even love TO so much started to do bad at school cuz they are always online...TO has a short life but the memories stay with us forever...i dun wanna it to be closed at is not about how much i spent on the is about friends and learning...who says school is the only part you can learn? You could learn online too...and you could meet other people!unlimited!!!!!!close the game? Pfft GM....please..kill me first :3 yapieeeeeee~TRICKSTER ONLINE FOREVER!I won't miss any of you guys.....i will stalk my friends on fb....but I truly do love you all but I love my boo the most....R.I.P my three GDs(GDBunny,GDstage,GDBrand) and DreadPirate ;A; TRICKSTER TRICKSTER TRICKSTER TRICKSTER TRICKSTER!!!I'm proud to say I played TRICKSTER ONLINE you TO....come back to us soon Btw friends....i just met you but this is crazy~so add me on fb maybe~ I will add my fb on the profile you all!