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Oh yeah I know, that's why I finally remembered to log on after three months rofl. There's so much bitterness from certain people. Like... it's just a game, move on and find a new one, jesus. Games being shut down isn't particularly anything new, and from what I've been hearing about the state of the game the last number of months, it's not surprising at all that it came to this point. Most of us expected it to happen eventually with the way the game was always run, it just happened later than we thought it would.

I mean... the game had potential, but its publishers made awful decisions early on and it really had no hope of ever becoming anything noteworthy after that and competing with giants like Ragnarok and Maplestory.

Anyway I thought I'd ask, I know Step was considering it, Moff would but she needs a better computer first, Red's tried it but he's having issues running the game atm, and I think Henry was gonna try it too. And I'd always had a vague interest in it, I just didn't want to pay to play it, because I don't want to pay for an mmo if I'm not going to have anyone I know to play with. But it's going f2p next month so I'll try it now.