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I really like some of the games' graphics and gameplay but... I went to their forums, I asked them about how difficult it is to reach top level. They said it wasn't hard, so I am afraid we will reach end-game way too soon and the game might become boring...

Take your time to vote ! We have 1 month. Make sure to check each one of these games carefully.

I played TalonRO for a while, I have a max level character there. It is really fun, it requires a lot of team-play but, as B said, they have a 8 years of head start...

Don't forget, there is no turning back to this choice. We can't migrate all the time, there is probably a lot of guild member that are not joining the Noah's Ark. Choose wisely, use your inner binoculars to foresee the future.

I am still to check the other games and I will edit this post as soon as I get a clear insight of them.

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