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Level: 60 and 60 and 55
Guild: Union

Played around with this imperial tier and here's what i noticed so far ....

- Character background:
-- Imperial tier as we all know caters around being upclose to the enemy (melee) or mastering their original powers (casters/range) whilst for Ara well... she mainly uses her fists to pummel down enemy waves

- Younga Way aka "Cancel Move" or "Just Frame" in GC terms
-- Excellent addition to this class which makes cancelling moves a better way to increase damage output as well as "stun lock" the opponent; kinda reminds me of a combo type Monk in Ragnarok Online

- Resembles Deva of Grand Chase in each and very aspect

- Passives
--- 1st
-- Quick Stand of both Raven and Elsword has been given to her
-- Debuff Reduction and KD reduction per hit has been combined in one passive
-- Additional MP and when beads are full, all beads earned afterwards will be turned into 10 MP
--- 2nd
-- SK's Break Armor has been introduced in her basic attacks
-- IP's block passive and BM's Emergency escape has been combined to make lulz of opponents <.<

- Actives
--- 1st
-- Deva's Iron Wall push
-- Addition of Elsword's block active
--- 2nd
-- Forward kick with increased dodge afterwards

- Special Actives
--- 1st
-- Genocide Ripper-esque skill
-- 300mp buff which gives you extra damage, ms and crit for 30 secs
-- Genocide Ripper v2.0 skill in which the teleport slashes will now depend on the number of beads you have plus random targetting system
--- 2nd
-- 200mp Binding Circle-esque skill >.>

Really cheap i say, its like LK given additional range

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