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Just to highlight one thing, the vote for Ragnarok will be based upon a PS called TalonRO. Has all the hax stuffs and Bosses, a nice low increment, 900 hats and hundreds of hair dyes and hair combo's. Also has 1200+ players on at once.

Going a main stream Ragnarok would be a waste of time as insane low levelling and they have up to 8 years of head start.

In ALL reality my preference would be something that got released on 3rd of January 2013, being the 3D Ragnarok Online. But at the moment it's only in limited Asian countries. It's one game I shall definately look at once open to world (btw the release is actually in English only but they locked it to Asian countries, funny).

Also, I do not know the all of the other games - they could very well be good.

We're a world wide family in my (and every fellow guildies) eyes. It would be great to move en masse.

At this point I shall briefly write that I am so honoured to have met you all, to have become your friend and to call your my friend. Every one of you is honest, down to earth (except L who is in a Space Ship orbiting Mars) and a pleasure to be around.

*guild hugs*

P.S. I have had a large number of my very good friends from over the years (not in guild) also asking what I'm doing. We could have a very large 'flotilla' sailing to new shores. I also will be contacting those guildies who for certain reasons are not active at the moment to let them know what's happening.

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