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ugh sorry for bumping this thread so much but i finally found something

according to this thread on nakuz there people who experienced problem like me

€œˆŒ十‰—›–ŒBugŒ*(–žŒ* ˆGAME解決–•) - SD˜”Online - Nakuz ‚古 œˆ‡Š›‚網

the thing is... i cant read HK language , google translated poorl

anyone here speak HK can check the thread out plsss ?

1) the card task box problem temporarily solve

2) left to play in five games, the little nurse finally played ... T_T

Disinsected yet successful, GM continue to work hard ...

Duke of urgent call I top Wuzhu training ...> _ <

Updated again, hit the left two small nurse

Dili have to wait for new methods

yeah ,, little nurse = ZOA

there is a few solution like :

Into the main program reinstall + the old wild buried Moderator,
Illumination flares

Each end of the show opened TAB on small nurse
but hell , google translation

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